Lost Shard is free to play, but we offer some special benefits if you choose to support the server by donating or subscribing. I don't have this whole process automated yet, so if you subscribe either include your minecraft username in the notes field or send me an email so I know who to turn the subscription/donation benefits on for. Thanks!

Donation Benefits ($10 or more)
-Double chest size bank box (Permanent)
-1 month of subscription benefits (1 month for every $10 donated)
Subscription Benefits
-Priority server access
-No longer pay tax on plots.
-Access to 16 runes instead of the normal 8
-Double chest size bank box (Permanent)

Enter your Minecraft username
Some sort of FAQ
Q. Are you kidding me? A monthly subscription to a Minecraft server :V
A. Minecraft requires a stupidly expensive server to support a wholly underwhelming number of players, in addition this isn't simply a Minecraft server loaded up with dozens of free plugins, we run a custom written bukkit mod designed and coded by me that is not available anywhere else. I put in months of my own time before I even launched the server, and I continue to develop the mod and plan to continue working on it as long as my circumstances allow. More subscriptions means I have more time to devote to administrating and coding the mod, in reality I should have been looking for a real job over the last few months, but I am passionate about running a great server that people genuinely enjoy. I do my very best to make the experience as awesome as possible for everyone and the combined total of 5 minutes downtime in the last 4 months should prove my commitment.

Q. Do you really think its worth 10 bucks?
A. Ultima Online cost 50 bucks + 10 bucks a month 12 years ago or something and had tens of thousands of subscribers, this server is free to join, has 9 subscribers so far, and its 2011 - gas is $4 a gallon now. I'm spending far more than full time administrating and developing this server and it would be nice to make at least minimum wage one day for my efforts. A lot of servers nickel and dime you with crappy microtransactions for access to buckets or something ridiculous, I am fundamentally opposed to that. I'd like to think I'm offering some neat benefits for subscribers, without providing a neutered experience for non-subscribers. I'm not removing access to anything that vanilla minecraft offers and then offering it back through subscriptions, I am designing and implementing new features.

Q. But I mean...
A. I don't know why you are having such a hard time with this, if you are reading this and can't make up your mind, consider this: How much time have you spent on this server so far? How much time would you spend on some other online game? If you feel like you are getting 10 bucks worth of entertainment out of the server, please, do subscribe, if not I promise I won't take it personally. (but I will like you better if you subscribe, sorry, it just happens I can't control it.)

Q. Hrm, well, I guess... what happens when my subscription time runs out?
A. The subscription benefits cease. However, subscribing for a month or donating $10+ will get you a permanently increased bank box (2 chests worth).

Q. Whats in it for me?
A. The listed subscription benefits and a better game experience. More subscribers means I can afford to rent a better server, a better server means a smoother experience and more players supported.