I No longer put updates here, I'm just leaving this up as an archive. Go HERE for updates.


-Fixed /plot create bug
-Players can no longer interact with redstone repeaters or note blocks on protected plots unless they are the owner or co-owner.
-You are now removed from the invited list when you join a clan
-You can now rename a plot with /plot rename (new name)
-Raised number of runes to 8


-Reduced the stamina requirement of repair to 10 from 25.
-Fixed an issue with plot transfer. It should now remove you as a friend and co-owner when it sets you to owner.
-Friends of plots may now use buttons and switches. There has been a thread about this change for like a week, if you haven't double checked your friends list recently you probably should now.
-New players start with 5 gold ingots worth 500 coins in their bank box.
-You now have a chance of getting gains of .1 to .5 at all skill levels of magery.


-Fixed a bug with fire walk that made you invincible while it was active (oops)
-Made it so if you are crouching it still says "No one can hear you..." to someone that talks/shouts near you.


-Fixed a glitch with plot expansion, you can now expand closer to other plots, but you cannot expand to within 5 blocks of another plot.
-Added Redstone, Light Stone, Soul Sand, Netherrack and Lapis Lazuli to the mining drop table, they are all around 1:50 or so.
-Added a "dungeon" plot upgrade (10,000 coins). Dungeons spawn monsters while protection is on but monsters killed in a dungeon plot only drop items/scrolls if they are killed by players.
-Lapis Lazuli now acts like an anti-magic block. From now on you can't teleport, gate, clan teleport or bridge to or from a lapis lazuli block.
-Added commands /public and /private. Right now these simply toggle whether a clan member can teleport to you (private means clan mates can't teleport to you, public means they can) I will probably do more stuff with this in the future.
-While waiting on the bukkit people to fix compasses I have decided to change tracking a little. From now on instead of using a compass for tracking it will just tell you in chat roughly the direction you need to head in to find your target. It will tell you "You see tracks leading off to the North/South/EastWest" and you will need to figure out which direction that actually is. (Protip: Clouds move south to north, sun rises in the east and sets in the west)
-If you set your spawn to a bed in a town and then the bed gets moved somewhere else your spawn will be reset to the default (Baghdad Ruins/Booty Bay) the next time you die.


-Added Spells:
--Clan Teleport (7th circle)
---Allows you to teleport to a clan mate. After the teleport, you are drained of all mana and stamina due to the stress of teleporting without a rune.
--Fire Walk (6th circle)
---Sets your feet on fire and makes you immune to fire for 15 seconds. Flames will appear at your feet as you walk around.

-Updated Spells:
---Added some flavor text when you teleport
---You now get exausted of mana and stamina if you use "spawn" to teleport to the spawn when specifying a rune.

-Updated Commands:
---Added some flavor text when you teleport
---You now get exausted of mana and stamina if you use this command.
--/plot survey
---Now based on mining skill. At 0 mining skill you can survey for plots 100 blocks around you and at 100 mining skill you can survey for plots 500 blocks around you.

-Updated Skills:
---Increased diamond drop rate somewhat
---/plot survey is now based on mining skill. At 0 mining skill you can survey for plots 100 blocks around you and at 100 mining skill you can survey for plots 500 blocks around you.

--Slightly simplified monster drop table, from now on Zombies drop spells from circles 1 and 2, Spiders drop spells from circles 3 and 4, Skeletons drop spells from circles 5 and 6 (including the new fire walk), and creepers drop spells from circles 7 and 8 (including the new Clan Teleport).
--You can now use /plot shrink (amount) to shrink plots by some amount. Only the plot owner can do this.


-Red chat bracket for admins in global
-Transfer plot ownership
--Added /plot transfer (player name)
---This command allows the owner of a plot to transfer it to another player. To use it, stand in the plot you wish to transfer and type the command. Ex: If I wanted to transfer my plot to luciddream, I would type "/plot transfer luciddream"
-Updated some subscription stuff:
--Added /sub which tells you your subscription status and your subscription days remaining.
--If you have an automatic subscription it will just say "auto bill" otherwise it will show you your subscription days remaining from one time donations. When the subscription days run out the subscription benefits turn off. From now any amount donated will get you subscriber days equivalent to 31 days per $10, so a 5 dollar donation will get you 16 days and a 30 dollar donation will get you 93 days. I've given everyone who has donated so far 31 days of subscription.
-Updated /plot survey
--It is now much more easy to use and gives you more useful information. It now tells you stuff like whether or not you can build a plot somewhere and how big the plot can be.


-Reduced cast time on permanent gate to 2 seconds from 6
-You can now use scrolls to cast up to 7th circle spells
-You can no longer use permanent gate while standing in a protected plot unless you are the owner or co-owner of the plot. The same applies for the target rune location.


-Permanent gates are now more permanent. From now on, the only way to destroy a gate (permanent or temporary) is to right click on them. If you right click on a gate both sides will be destroyed, but you can't destroy a gate of any kind on a protected plot unless you are the owner/co-owner of the plot. However, if you place a permanent gate in a protected plot and it leads to somewhere unprotected, someone could close the gate from the unprotected side.
-Removed /me command


-Fixed buckets being used on protected plots
-Implemented reserved slots for subscribers
---This works like this: the cap is 20 players, when we reach the cap, subscribers can still log in up till 23 (3 subscribers currently) Ideally we'll be able to raise the cap before too long.


-Chatting now resets the afk timer
-You no longer drop items if you log out in PvP
-Guards now kill instantly This is temporary and will be removed when I can keep your character logged in for some amount of time when you log out. Right now you can get attacked by a guard and relog which would cause the guard to stop attacking you which is pretty broken.
-You are now notified when someone attacks you, this is implemented kinda crappy and might screw up sometimes. Its set up to let you know who attacked you but not spam you with attack messages. This is only temporary until the invisibility bug is fixed.
Tracking is still broken, still waiting on a fix from bukkit people.


-Reduced the drop rate of diamond with mining.
-Added a thing that indicates subscribers in global chat
Tracking is broken until the bukkit people fix a bug and there is (according to people in the bukkit irc) no way to stop paintings from getting knocked down yet, hopefully soon.


-Added town status for plots. click here for more info Right now you can set your respawn location using beds in towns.


-Updated to 1.4, a lot of stuff changed so stuff might be broken, backed up everything in case shit hits the fan.
-Updated mining - Made it so diamonds or diamond ore can spawn at the same rate as gold, ore block spawns less often. Coal drops now as well as coal ore blocks, coal ore is less common.
-Added command - /resetallskills (skill name) sets the named skill to 50 and every other skill to 0. Useful for new characters to try out different skills as well as giving them a little kickstart in one skill.
-You can now track wolves
-Fixed a possible exploit with buttons.


-Bleeding/stun should stop at death even if you mash the respawn button as soon as you die.
-From now on if you log out within 10 seconds of engaging in PvP you will drop your items.
-After you respawn you have 15 seconds of invincibility and you can't hurt anyone for that amount of time as well.


-You can no longer commit a criminal action against yourself :V
-Changed a few things to maybe make permanent gate travel more reliable
-Bunch of backend stuff that players probably won't notice (hopefully)
-Added mining skill, its kind of barebones for now


-Added a permanent gate spell as the first 8th circle spell
-Creepers now drop the permanent gate spell
-You can now no longer use scrolls above level 4 directly, they may only be cast from spellbooks with magery.
-Shifted a few spells around, see the wiki for more info on spells.
-If you destroy a gate (by place a block next to a portal) it will now destroy both sides of the gate.
-Trying something that might keep NPCs from disappearing in booty bay after the server has been up for awhile
-Fixed plot survey
-You can now lock skills with /skills lock (skill name) and unlock skills with /skills unlock (skill name) locked skills will not gain


-Changed tracking: Now when you track someone instead of pointing directly at the target it points in the general direction (basically north, south, east or west) The idea is that the closer you get, the more accurate one of those 4 directions is until you find the target. If you fail to track the target and you are within 1000 blocks, the target will see "The hairs on the back of your neck stand up" This means if you have high tracking and the target has high tracking they will almost definitely be warned at least once before you find them. This change means that even with a relatively modest amount of survivalism you will have a decent chance of getting warned before the tracker finds you so you have a chance to prepare to fight.
-Fixed losing the smelt result if you smelt an item with a full inventory
-Fixed repair sometimes destroying the wrong item when you fail
-Changed monster scroll drop loot table: Zombies now drop 1st and 2nd circle spells, spiders drop 3rd and 4th, skeletons drop 5th and 6th (except for heal self) and creepers drop Heal Self and Gate Travel


-Can't track someone with < 100 total points
-Reduced the minimum time between chat/commands to half of what it was, ideally you won't ever notice the flood protection
-Can't be stunned while stunned
-Can't bleed while bleeding
-Tried invis fix, might cause ghosting, we'll see
-Fixed a bug with damage calculation


-Changed create food to give you less useful food, it was pretty overpowered before.
-Added some special effects to weapon skills, these need testing for balance (All percent chances based on 100 skill, it scales evenly so 0 skill = 0 chance, 100 skill = listed chance)
---Brawling how has a 20% chance to stun (slows movement speed for 4 seconds, can't use magic)
---Blades now has a 20% chance to bleed (drains 1 health per second for 10 seconds, can't kill you)
---Archery now has a 20% chance to knock the person hit back a few extra feet
-Bank boxes have been doubled for everyone that currently has an account
-Banks from the old map have been transferred into the new map into the newly increased bank
-Taking damage now interrupts spells
-Fixed trade, it has a new syntax: Hold the item(s) you want to trade, type /trade offer (player name) (gold coins)
-Fixed a bug with repair that would cause it to sometimes eat the wrong tool when repairing.
I'm going to try to fix the invis bug, but wanted to push this update out now.


-Added a stun (lasts 4 seconds, reduces movement speed by about half) and extra knockback effect (knocks you back a few more feet) to brawling, chance scales evenly from 0 to 100 skill, at 100 skill you have a 10% chance to stun and a 50% chance to knock back
-Added a bleed to blades (Damage over time, 1/2 heart every second for 10 seconds, cannot kill you) chance scales evenly from 0 to 100 skill, 20% chance at 100 skill.
-Did SOMETHING to feathers
-Gave everyone who has an account right now a double chest sized bank box. This would normally be a "donation" bonus or something, but consider it a ~beta test~ reward
-Moved the bank contents from the old map to the


-Got rid of the global limitations, instead added /ignore (player name) /unignore (player name) and /ignorelist
-Added an AFK thing, if you go afk for awhile you will get kicked, if you aren't going afk for long stretches you should never notice it.
-Made spell binds save when you log out so they are the same when you log back in later.
-Messed with the teleport spell some, it should act more naturally now, although there is still a minor bug or two.


Haven't posted the little updates over the last few days, so I'm including some un-documented stuff from the last few days.
Chat Changes:
-Due to abuse, I've implemented the following system, the goal is to not impact normal usage but to stop people from flooding the chat (unless they really really want to).
Here is how it works: From now on, you have a pool of global messages, these can be used for global messages or private messages. Every day the pool is reset to 100. Each time you send a global or private message, the count is reduced by 1. When you run out completely, you can still use global and private messages but it will cost 5 gold per message. When you have 20 messages remaining, you will be told how many you have remaining each time you send a global or private message. You can view the number of global messages you have remaining with /stats.
that was a dumb idea, added /ignore /unignore and /ignorelist but they only work on global chat and private messages.
-Added a /report command, if I'm around it will alert me and I can read the report.
-Fixed a bug that was causing gate travel to fail.
-Brawling can now only be gained up to 25 from pvp, this is to prevent abuse.
-IRC chat no longer goes in world.
Coming tomorrow probably: Saving magery binds, locking skills (so they don't gain), re-worked tracking (maybe), blacksmithy ability to smelt ore without a furnace
Coming in a few days if I can get it working right: special attacks (1 each probably for now) for weapon skills
As a heads up once again, I'm going to be limiting the map size on sunday or something, decided on 8k square I think. If you have stuff farther then about 3.5k from the spawn you should probably move it closes


Misc Fixes:
-Fixed a potential exploit with guards, the last bukkit update screwed them up kinda >=(
-Removed the nether =( the nether stuff is super buggy and you don't really get anything from being able to go there besides a few semi-useful blocks. When the bukkit people/notch make it less shitty I'll put it back in. For now though, I'll put up a vendor that lets you buy the nether blocks soon and instead of spawning in the nether, murderers will spawn in the new criminal town "Booty Bay" located in the normal world a fair distance from the normal spawn. Also, because I removed the nether you can't get to pigmen anymore so all scrolls drop from regular monsters again, I'm going to make creepers only drop the higher level scrolls when I get around to it. Right now, nether gates don't do anything once lit, but I'm probably going to use those for the permanent gate travel spell I plan on implementing as an 8th circle spell soon.


Survivalism changes:
-Your chance to successfully track now depends on what you are tracking. You now have a 100% chance to track an animal at 30 skill, a 100% chance to track a monster at 60 skill and a 100% chance to track a player (assuming they don't have any survivalism skill to cover their tracks) at 100 skill.
-The minimum chance to track anything is now 2%, that means you have a very small chance to track another player even if they have 100 tracking.
-Decreased the drop rate of golden apples from leaves
-You now only gain skill as long as there is a chance to fail the track, so you can only gain from animals up to 30, monsters up to 60 and then players from 60 to 100.
-You can now use /track and /camp instead of /survivalism track and /survivalism camp
Blacksmithy changes:
-Added smelting, you can now smelt iron/gold/diamond tools/weapons/armor. If you are successful, the item in your hand is removed and you are refunded some of the materials. Once you get to 50 you will succeed every time. Tools and weapons give you back 1 iron/gold/diamond and smelting armor gives you back 3. You can gain blacksmithy from smelting up to 50 skill.
-Increased the gain rate past 70
-You can now use /repair and /smelt instead of /blacksmithy repair and /blacksmithy smelt

Magery changes:
-If you have a spell bound to a stick in your active hand and you open a chest it will no longer cast the spell.
-You can now use /bind and /cast instead of /magery bind and /magery cast

Plot Changes:
-Tax is re-enabled, remember it is a static 5 coins per block radius in any location
-Torches and ladders placed on protected plots by non plot members now last for 20 seconds
-You can only create 1 plot at a time, this is temporary and the restriction will be removed on Thursday
-The hard buffer between plots that you cannot expand into is now size/2, so a plot of size 10 has a hard buffer of 5 blocks and a plot of size 100 has a hard buffer of 50.
-Plots now exist in both the normal world and the nether simultaneously, so if you own a plot in one side you own the same amount of space on the other.

-For now, only a flint and steel can ignite things anywhere, this is temporary
-Changed some internal stuff relating to database calls, let me know if you lose skills or something between server restarts.
-Trying yet another approach to the invis bug NOTCH FIX THIS YOU SHIT
-Added a minimum time between chat or commands of a little under a second, ideally this won't trip under normal usage but only when someone tries to spam chat or a command. Let me know if it trips during normal usage and I'll dial down the time a little.


--Changed Plots:
-Added a sphere of influence to all plots, no-one may create a new plot within the sphere of influence of another plot, however, you can expand into the sphere of influence.
-Added a hard buffer of 5 blocks between all plots, what this means is that under no circumstances can you expand your plot so that it would bring the edge of the plot within 5 blocks of the edge of any other plot. This way, there will always be a path between plots.
-Changed the tax, from now on the tax is a static 5 gold per block radius across the board regardless of distance from the spawn.
-You can now disband your plot and get back 75% of the gold spend expanding it
-Updated the /plot info, it now displays more information including whether the plot is protected or not, whether it is public or private, the owner, the size, funds, daily tax amount, plot value, number of days the current plot funds will pay the tax, the center coordinates of the plot, the distance from the center of the plot, the co-owners and the friends of the plot. Plot value is calculated at 75% of the money you spent to expand the plot to its current size, this is the amount of money you will get back if you choose to disband the plot.
-Fixed a bug that let you create gates from the nether that lead to protected plots in the non-nether world.
-I simplified the algorithm for the expansion costs, it is now simply plot radius times 10, so it costs 110 gold to expand a size 11 plot to size 12.
-Some plots may now be illegally placed based on these changes, I'll handle illegally placed plots on a case by case basis.
-Coming soon: The ability to sell plots and shrink them.
-You can now mark a rune to, recall to and gate to a plot that is set to public, but not to a plot set to private unless you are an owner, co-owner or friend of the plot.
-You can now gate travel FROM any plot, irregardless of whether it is public or private.
-From now on if you fail to cast a spell because you were targetting an invalid location or similar problem, you have to wait out the spell cooldown, This is basically to prevent someone from lagging the server by spamming a spell that they can't cast.
-Changed the way fire is handled near protected plots, hopefully now trees that catch fire won't burn forever on a protected plot.
-Added back in /kill I guess notch took it back out again.
-Took another shot at trying to fix the invis bug, this new attempt may fix the ghosting issue as well which is an artifact of the last attempt to fix the invis bug. Hopefully notch will fix the issue "properly" soon, or at the very least maybe the bukkit mod people will fix it for him.
-From now on, you only have a chance to gain weapon skills when you actually do damage to something.


-Added (non-player) vendor code, still have to actually place them in world, can't sell scrolls yet, coming soon though
--Edit: I forgot to put in the item numbers on the vendor, so for now just know that the first item is 1, second item is 2 etc
-There should be no more ghasts in the nether
-Bukkit people did a temp fix for the slow teleport, its better than it was before but not really fixed yet
-Fixed the ghosted player after teleport bug (I think)


-Maybe fixed the invis bug, for now because of the horribly long teleport times (not my fault) you are invincible and can't do damage for 10 seconds after a teleport starts as well
-Archery skill gain fixed
-World now saves every 10 minutes, if the server crashes you should never lose more than since the last save.


-Gates from gate travel should no longer persist after they are supposed to dissapear.
-Bukkit switched to a new damage model kinda, let me know if there is any funkiness with damage/criminal actions/murder counts.
-NPC Guards now automatically attack criminals if they get within range and line of sight
P.S. I'm probably changing some things about the land system, the way you can "bubble around" plots by expanding around them is just kinda flawed, for example,


-fixed a (notch) bug/exploit that would let you open chests through walls
-portal blocks no longer block recall or gate travel, still working on the portals hanging around when they shouldn't bug.
-Scroll drops are now split into 2 sections, low level and medium level. Low level scrolls, (grass, flowers, light, create food, magic arrow, teleport, recall and mark) can be found by killing normal mobs (zombies etc), while medium level scrolls (bridge, iceball, firefield, heal, heal self and gate travel) are found by defeating pig men in the nether. This should make it easier to get started but harder to fill your book.
-Not an update, but I realize now I need to do something different with the nether gates. As if the nether wasn't punishing enough half the time the gate opens right above lava and you can't build a bridge out without a dozen ghasts blowing you and the bridge up. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but for now, I reccomend building the gate FROM the nether so you at least can pick a less horrible place.
-Changes to survivalism:
From now on, from 0-25 you can track animals, from 25-50 you can track monsters and from 50-100 you can track other players.
Also, pigs have a chance to drop an extra pork, squids have a chance to drop an extra ink sack, sheep have a chance to drop an extra wool, and chickens have a chance to drop an extra feather. (At 100 skill, the chance of all is 50%)
Finally, high survivalism now allows you to cover your tracks. Your survivalism is now checked against people who are trying to track you, the higher your survivalism the better the chance that your pursuer will fail to track you. If you both have the same survivalism skill, the chance to track is 0%.
Coming soon to survivalism but I didn't have time to implement today: difficulty will scale so that at 25 skill you have 100% chance to track animals, at 50 you have 100% chance to track monsters and at 100 you have a 100% chance to track people (assuming they don't have any survivalism)
-You can now use /ma /bl and /su instead of /magery /blacksmithy and /survivalism respectively for commands, ex: /bl repair instead of /blacksmithy repair
-added /spawn, you can use it once per hour. I'll eventually update it to give you the minutes and stuff, right now it just tells you the number of seconds until you can use it again.
-removed the code that moves you if you log into a protected region, the "solution" was worse than the problem, i'll work something else out for this soon.
-you can now recall to town (I hope)


-Added /plot list - Shows you the names and sizes of plots you own
-Modified /plot disband - Now you can enter the name of the plot you wish to disband so you can disband remotely
-You can now mark/recall/gate travel to/from blocks with flowers/snow/etc
-Gates are now 2 blocks tall
-You can now just step on the portals to teleport to the other side
-Plot locking changed: /plot lock and /plot unlock have become /plot private and /plot public respectively. Making a plot private locks all buttons and switches for the plot, which means only the owner and co-owner may use them. Alternatively, you can leave a plot public and lock and unlock individual buttons and switches by using /lock and /unlock and then hitting the device you wish to lock/unlock. Like a private plot, only an owner or co-owner may use locked buttons/switches.


-you can now recall to the towns
-teleport range from 15-25, can't teleport from iron doors (fixes exploit)
-you should now do proper damage to mobs (I was halving damage against them intead of just pvp damage)
-fixed an exploit that let you teleport through metal doors in some circumstances
-teleporting now uses a better targetting algorithm
-added /lock and /unlock which lets you lock specific switches/buttons in a plot


-fixed an explosion bug
-better spell targeting
-bridge blocks now replace snow (the low snow, not snow blocks) and fire blocks when building (bridge should work better now basically)
-fixed a camping bug that would cause you to heal > max health
-halved pvp damage across the board
-spells only go on cooldown if they are valid, invalid target will no longer cause cooldown etc
-changed /who to /whois and /who now does the same as /playerlist
-now you are told if you type in an invalid command
-if you log in to a locked plot that you are not friends of you will be moved outside the plot
-recall using "spawn" now works properly
-/skills shows your total skill points / max skill points
-the clan now properly show up in /whois
-no clan damage between clan members
-fire field now melts snow
-You can now only /tradegold at a bank
-added /plot test and /plot endtest, this lets you test out a plot and see if it is protected well. Basically makes the plot think you are a non-friend for the duration of the test
-You can now disband plots with /plot disband


-show murder counts in /stats
-fixed a bug that would cause you not to get murder counts in some cases
-fixed some bugs with damage
-clan members should no longer get criminal counts for hurting other clan members
-creatures won't spawn in a protected region, creatures now do damage in a protected region
-Lava no longer flows into protected regions except in the nether
-TNT no longer explodes in or around protected regions
-You can now place ladders and torches in protected regions even if you are not a member, this might be a mistake!


-Added a proper /help
-Added the ability to private message other users with /msg (message)
-Implemented texas rules with regards to plots - That means a non-friend can be attacked without commiting a criminal action on a plot as long as the attacker IS a friend of the plot.
-You can now use reduce skill on blades
-Fixed magery skill gain
-You can no longer place redstone on a protected plot if you are not the owner or co-owner


-fixed archery skill gain
-You can now repair by right clicking an iron block while holding something you want to repair with blacksmithy
-Monsters no longer hurt you in a protected plot, this is a temporary bandaid until I can stop them from spawning
-You can now use /magery cast (spellname) to cast a spell from your spellbook
-Added Magic Arrow, a second circle spell
-Fixed the spellbook, it now displays the correct reagent costs
-You can now see how many days your plot funds will be able to pay the tax before they run out
-Halved the scroll drop rate